Free Comic Book Day Atomic Robo…for FREE!!!!!

That damn Atomic Robo comic I never found.

That damn Atomic Robo comic I never found.

Yes, I have made well documented by search for the elusive Atomic Robo and Friends Free Comic Book Day issue, which manange to dodge my Burger King tainted hands not one, but FOUR times.  However, Red 5 Comics have made me a happy geek, because they have put up the entire FCBD Atomic Robo and Friends on their website!  If you, like me, were unable to get your hands on a copy, or just want to know what the hell I’m talking about, go here to read some FREE Atomic Robo!

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  1. […] by Aron on May.14, 2009, under Columns, Comics, Red5, Your Morning Head I was afforded the opportunity to take a peak at the entire first issue of We Kill Monsters coming this July from Red 5.  You may recall We Kill Monsters from Free Comic Book Day, when the nice folks at Red 5 provided a free preview. […]

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