A Very Cerebro Episode of Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie!


Batkid begins in San Francisco, and in Gotham City, Batman is dealing with a massive blackout caused by the Riddler. Also…Nightwing possibly coming to ARROW, a new Wolverine series with art by Ryan Stegman, and the Punisher is on trial in this very Cerebro episode of FUNNYBOOKS WITH ARON AND PAULIE!

  • San Francisco Bat-Kid
  • Batman #25
  • Could Nightwing be coming to Arrow? (and this week’s Arrow easter eggs)
  • Big Changes to DC coming in April….
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #2
  • A New Wolverine #1
  • All-New X-Men #18
  • Superior Spider-Man #21
  • Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man #1
  • Trial of the Punisher #1-2

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Ghosts of Reignsborough, our horror-themed Knights of Reignsborough, concludes this Friday in a traumatic and horrifying ending you won’t see coming! Listen to the first two episodes now!

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  1. Well picked up the first two issue of Superman and Wonder Woman… hmm interesting change in her origin, didn’t know Apollo was purple skinned.
    Doomsday was actually treated properly, although was that an American warship that just tried to shoot Wonder Woman?
    Hmm so lifting a ship out of the ocean banishes Doomsday back to the PZ?
    Well that at least explains why he spent those points in Power Lifting!
    Have you been reading Star Wars Dark Times?
    I’ve heard its ending and the last storyline looks very interesting especially as Vader uses a Venator class star ship which makes a change since it feels like most people consider a star wars comic incomplete without x-wings and star destroyers…

  2. Will you be reviewing or remarking on the new Almost Human tv series at some point?

    Will you also be remarking on the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD especially Tim as its supposed to be linked to the Thor 2 movie?

    Note I said “linked” would have been better to say what has that episode got to do with Ghostbusters 2 and I expect Tim to be answering Asgard!

    Yes that might be asking too much!

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