A Glimpse of the Thundercats Movie!


Sword of omens…give me sight beyond sight!

Or, just a glimpse of some concept art from the long-in-production Thundercats movie?

Movieline has a couple of awesome-looking pieces of concept art from the upcoming production, written by Paul Sopocy and set to be directed by art director Jerry O’Flaherty.   According to the article, the script “was to follow Lion-O’s origin myth from young cub to his anointment as Lord of the ThunderCats.”

I loved Thundercats as a kid and was a little worried a couple of years ago when they were talking about a reboot that involved turning them into some kind of Thundercat rock band – glad that didn’t pan out (or maybe it’s still in the works?  Let’s hope not).  This movie, however, has some pretty cool concept art.  I guess it’s green light may be depending a lot on G.I. Joe’s performance this weekend.  After all, Transformers was a hit, but it was also a great looking Michael Bay film.  Can G.I. Joe repeat that kind of performance?  I know I’ll be seeing it this weekend!  And where the hell is my He-Man movie?

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  1. I remember enjoying this when I was young and then I watched it again as an adult and wondered if I had brain damage as a child. I feel the same way about Voltron.

    On the plus side though if they change anything for the movie it can only make it better because the cartoon is god awful.

  2. I didn’t like it when I was young. When I was in college and it came back on TV, I realized the entire cartoon is about a penis.

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