GenCon Journal: Rob’s Thoughts – An Overview

genconThe best four days of gaming are over.

This is a sad thing that is followed by a time of recovery as one has ran nearly non-stop for for four days. Even following my own advice, I am still wrecked after cramming so much fun into four days.

This year, I did something a little differently. Instead of trying to sit down and write while I was at the convention, I focused on getting a more in-depth view. I also made sure that I didn’t burn myself out on seminars and such and enjoyed gaming with my friends from around the country. So, you will be seeing a string of posts from Gen Con over the next few weeks as I talk about the things that I learned while there.

What I want to do here is give an overview of my Gen Con experience. Read more

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: God Squad!


Funnybooks get all religious this week with tons of new books involving heroes battling against the forces of hell! They also chat about the new rumors regarding an Inhumans movie, and Telltale Games line of episodic games. Most importantly, we discuss the difference between Thai Hot, and Aron Hot.

Inhuman #3
Hulk #5
Spider-Man 2099 #2
Inferno: Rings of Hell #1
Wonderland #26
Batman #34
Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #1
Superman/Wonder Woman #11
Devilers #2
Hexed #1

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GenCon Journal 2014: Tim’s Thoughts!

genconFunnybooks host Tim reports in with his GenCon 2014 experience….

On the road Wednesday at 8am wheels turning towards another Gencon. My last couple had been fun, but I was unsure of what to expect as I was dropped off at my hotel. This article will encompass my entire experience so I’ll try to break it in different areas, because I didn’t plot out items chronologically and it makes more sense in my sleep riddled brain to do it this way.

Games I ran:

Dread: Zombie Apocalypse – Dread’s the kind of game a lazy gm like me loves. I handed out character sheets blank with a list of 7 questions and threw up the Jenga tower. We had Alice a biology student, Thomas a dirty politician and John a devoted family man. Only one person did die, it was Alice’s boyfriend (I had to pull), though Alice did try to hose John when it looked like John wasn’t going to help them make it to the quarantine zone. Thomas broke a bit from character and did not run over the 8 year old when it was certain he would be safely inside if he did. Great time and good group.

Savage Saturday Morning – I’ve posted this game on the feeds that I ran at Fear the Con some time ago, so I won’t get into too many details. Gming at 8am (7 for me) was a challenge and I think I did fairly well. I will say I think Hefty Smurf might be a bit overpowered compared to everyone else, so if I run it again, I’ll tone him down some. Everyone chose to save Saturday morning again and not sign an exclusive video game contract.

Fate Core: Fantasy – So this was a pickup game I ran because my buddy was a little down on Saturday. It was an introduction to an old school gamer a perspective on RPGs that was not Dungeons and Dragons centric. Although a little goofy, it was a good end to my Gming for the con, smiles were had by all.

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Star Wars Episode VII Will Probably Disappoint Hardcore Fans

You've Got Jack

So, the big, big thing in the Nerdiverse right now is the secrecy and excitement surrounding Star Wars Episode VII.  Fans all over are eating up every breadcrumb that leaks from Bad Robot.  They’re expecting this movie to live up to their expectations that have been tempered and created by such tales as The Thrawn Trilogy, Jedi Academy, and The Legacy comics. The more hardcore among them are just getting angrier and angrier and there’s a big reason why.

The Expanded Universe Never Happened

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Power Rangers is Perfect for Michael Bay


I know that there’s a legion of anit-Michael Bay people that will be ready to lynch me after what he did to the Transformers movies, but I firmly believe that Michael Bay is the perfect choice to direct the Power Rangers as a movie franchise.  Power Rangers is a TV show focused around a group of attractive teens with semi-shallow writing, giant robots and explosions.  These are all things that people call out Transformers as being.  All his supposed mistakes in Transformers have led to him being the perfect person to bring Power Rangers to the Big Screen.

One of the bigger complaints that I heard from Transformers fans were that in the Michael Bay movies, he focused more on the human characters like Sam “No-no-no-no-no” Witwicky and not enough time on the Transformers themselves. Power Rangers works for him because the robots have no personality to focus on. This means he can spend all the time he wants on the human characters because the robotic ones are just tools.

 We lost out on time with Optimus Prime to gain more of this level of talented acting.

Say what you will about whatever writing quality you believe Power Rangers to have, but the third act of almost every episode is exactly the same: Giant Robots, Explosions, Collateral Damage.  This is basically the third act of every single one of the Transformers movies.  While the Transformers were always concerned about innocent human life (which made the destruction in the movies confusing), the Power Rangers never seemed to share that same concern.  There was at least one major building destroyed in the final fight of almost every Power Rangers episode.

That building was blocking the view from my condo anyway!

Finally, an accusation towards Bay (pretty on-point in the second movie) was overt racism. Skidmark and his brother were so stereotypical that the only thing that could push them further is an inexplicable love of fried chicken.  C’mon, though let’s be serious.  We’re talking about a TV show where the colours of the Ranger seemed to be racially assigned anyway.  The vaguely native american was a Red Ranger, the black guy was the black ranger, the girly girl was the pink ranger, and the asian chick was the yellow ranger.  The only one not somewhat racist was the nerdy blue ranger (unless white people are blue somehow).

Realistically, I think that we’ve finally found the movie series that’s absolutely perfect for Michael Bay and his team.  I think they could bring an absolutely amazing Power Rangers to the big screen because the entire show focuses on his strengths.  Feel free to comment with your opinions.

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Thanos Cast!

FBEP247.fwThanos: The Infnity Revelation is here, and Paul and Aron are excited! In this episode, the boys chat about Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and all sorts of new comics, including a new books from Image and Zenescope!

  • Thanos: The Infinity Revelation (and Thanos Annual #1)
  • Legendary Star-Lord #2 and Rocket Raccoon #2
  • Superior Spider-Man #32
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #4
  • Moon Knight #6
  • New Avengers #22
  • Earth 2 #26
  • Nightworld #1
  • Imperial #1
  • Alex+Ada #1
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #101

Paul chat at length about the great stuff that Tidewater Comicon has been doing in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. If you live near there, check them out!

Don’t forget! Funnybooks is sponsoring the Orc Stomp 5k taking place this year at GenCon! Sign up and get your run on! All profit will be going to the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana, so support this great cause!

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GenCon Journal 2014: Rob’s Thoughts – My Schedule

Gen Con!

It is only two days away!

Can you tell I’m excited?

I will be arriving at the convention on Wednesday and getting all settled in for 4 days of gaming. I thought I would share my schedule while I am at Gen Con in case anyone out there has time available and was looking for something to do.


1 pm – Orc Stomp 5k Fun Run Packet Pickup. This event runs from 1-3 and gives runners the ability to pick up there bib and goody bag ahead of time. This way you can have your shirt with you when you show up for the run the next day.

4 pm – Shadowrun GM Bootcamp: Basic SEM1453649. This event is an introduction to running games in the newest edition of Shadowrun. I’m using it as a primer to get myself up to speed on what has changed in this new edition. I love the setting for this game and look forward to seeing what they have to say about running it.

7 pm – Look Under the Hat SEM1454398. This is a question and answer session with the top names at Evil Hat. I plan on attending to see what is up at the Hat and see what new surprises they have in store for us.


6 am – Orc Stomp 5k Fun Run. I know, I am getting up awfully early at Gen con to go running. It is fora good charity and it gets games up and moving which is another good thing as well. We at Ideology of Madness are one of the sponsors of the race and I am proud of this and hope to see some fans of the website there as well. #teamIOM

2 pm – Perspectives on Making your First Game CAH Deathbabies SEM1458367. This is a seminar that talks aour Games by Playdate and how they took part in the Cards Against Humanity Deathmatch and what they learned from it. I’m always fascinated by the creative process behind game creation and I’m looking forward to the insights garnered from this process.


10 am – Whats up with the New World of Darkness SEM1459337. This is a question and Answer session to inform people on what is going on with the new World of Darkness. I am looking forward to finding out what the plan is for this line as I am a fan and their focus has seemed to be on the old World of Darkness as of late.

3 pm – Pinnacle Seminar SEM1457164. Pinnacle is the publisher of Savage Worlds, the game system that underlies the Knights of Reignsborough. I’m going to discover what is in the future of this game system and tell them about this awesome podcast.

6 pm – Queer as a Three-Sided Die SEM1454153. This is an event organized by the gaming luminaries to discuss LGBT issues in gaming. Always well worth attending and nice to see how the big and small names in the industry treat us.

This year I am not running any games and have no games to play scheduled as of yet. I am leaving myself open to be able to play games with friends from across the country as well as spend more time in the vendor Hall looking for that new things I may have missed last year.

If you are at Gen Con take the time to send me a message on Twitter(@grimgoroth). I am always up for meeting fans of Ideology of Madness.

Knights of Reignsborough: Season 3 Sandboxing, Part 1

kor_s03SB01.fwAt the end of Season Two, the world was changed.  In this episode, we sandbox what those changes mean to the setting and to the characters we have gotten to know and love.  Nothing’s the same, so we’ve got lots to play with!

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GM’s note: Knights of Reignsborough: Reign of Ironclaw is a role playing game actual play podcast. It is not our intent to teach a system, rather to entertain. As such, much of the game mechanic discussion has been edited from the audio.

Knights of Reignsborough: Reign of Ironclaw is on a bi-weekly release schedule.  Our next episode is due the weekend of August 22nd.


Funny Looks and Failure, Part 1 (Wherein the Reader is Introduced to a Slightly Crazy Person)

So, about a year ago, I had a stupid idea. I know it was a stupid idea, because a few times since then, as something or another has gone wrong, I’ve told myself, “This was a stupid idea.”  Sometimes, when I’ve majorly screwed up, it’ll be “This was a really stupid idea.”

This was a really f@#&%g stupid idea.

This was a really f@#&%g stupid idea.

But I can’t let it go.  See, when I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor.  I had this notebook (actually, it was a series of them, over the years), where I would put all my crazy ideas.  And, I mean, some of them were just off-the-wall nuts. An air-conditioned jacket.  A machine that converts air into water.  An alarm clock that waits until your REM cycle is finished to wake you up.

Of course, the joke is that all of these things were eventually actually made by somebody else (see here, here, and here).  Now, the difference between me and these people is that these folks didn’t just scribble something down on a piece of paper – they actually built the damn things.  Turns out that matters.

So, as my father would say, “I told you that to tell you this.”

I’ve always been fascinated by the whole “Making” movement.  Ever since I learned about the Arduino, I knew that I wanted to create something with it.  I just didn’t know what.

She doesn't look like much, but she's got it where it counts.

She doesn’t look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.

Then I got my stupid idea. Read more

You’ve Got Jack: Changes That I Think Could Fix “Bad” Movies: Judge Dredd

Changes That I Think Could Fix “Bad” Movies:
Judge Dredd

Quite often a movie comes out that is just bad. It loses itself completely or it’s a confusing mess. Unfortunately, Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd was one of those movies. Before I start I want to say that I am in no way a director or writer. I’m just a nerd who thinks he can fix “bad” movies.

Recently, I found myself wanting for some nostalgia.  So, I hunted down my copy of Judge Dredd.  I popped it back into the old DVD player, made some popcorn and sat back to relax while basking in the glow of mid-90s sci-fi/action.  I was genuinely excited for the first 15 minutes.

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